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Constitutional Court Declared that the Amendments Proposed by the National Assembly on December 3rd, 2015 Were Illegal.

The Constitutional Court delivered judgment 018-18-SIN-CC on August, 1st, 2018 declaring that the amendments proposed by the National Assembly on December 3rd, 2015 were illegal. The only exception were the amendments related to articles 2 and 4, which modified articles 114 and 144 of the Constitution as those were reformed due to the outcome of the referéndum that took place on February 2018. The Constitutional Court observed that the principle of supremacy shall be respected and concluded that the National Assembly did not do it by voting on the amendments as a sole unit and not individually.

The Court ordered the National Assembly to adopt this decision within a year in order for the voting process of future constitutional amendments to be more rigid. Consistently, for future amendments proposala, each one of them shall be individually deliberated, voted and approved.