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Our team is recognized as one of the best options for clients due to our abilities in the area and the integral focus on consulting that we offer. We would like to help you.

Although the Firm has a history and reputation of being a strong and successful litigant, it favors, when possible, negotiations as a more effective tool to manage conflict resolution. The majority of conflicts entrusted to the Firm are successfully handled through direct negotiations or alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution. Some members of the Firm are arbitrators qualified by institutional arbitration centers. A large part of the income of the Firm arises from this matter, which is evidence of our strength in this area.

Important cases include: ruling of the Supreme Court in the lawsuit for damages filed on behalf of a group of London reinsurance companies against a security company accused of indirect breach of extra-contractual obligations; the first criminal sanction in a case of violation of rights of vegetal breeders, in which we represented a German client; the first ruling for damages in a case of trademark violation filed on behalf of one of the largest software producers in the world. The Firm has also represented a part of the heirs to one of the most famous Latin American painters in a multi-million dollar succession that included complex intellectual property matters, in addition to the dispute of common assets. The case was successfully resolved over six years of negotiations, putting an end to more than a dozen lawsuits.

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