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We believe in the abundance of opportunities, especially those hidden behind challenges and difficulties, and we are driven to search for alternatives to meet the objectives of our clients. Our vision is centered on innovating integral solutions that add value to our corporate clients, in the following manner:

We involve with our clients with the aim of understanding their vision, policies, goals, strategies and priorities in such a manner that our solutions are not only exhaustive and integrated, but also consistent with the general business plan of the client, making us a business partner, not just an independent consultant.

We offer solutions and anticipate problems, forming a team with internal collaborators of the client, with the aim of drafting detailed and effective actions. We integrate solutions and ensure that they are implemented, going beyond the typical activities of a consultant.

We focus, jointly with the client, on covering all critical angles of risk that are normally the highest priorities for company leadership, including corporate responsibility, social and environmental matters, and strategic communications.



The Firm was created in 1993 by Bernardo Tobar as Tobar & Tobar. In 1996 its name was changed to Tobar & Bustamante, and at the end of 2015 it took on the name Tobar ZVS, which acknowledges partners Cesar Zumarraga, Oscar Vela and Alvaro Sevilla, who along with the founding partner, have headed up the historic growth of the Firm. From the onset, the Firm provided consultancy services to mining exploration companies, for which it is recognized as a leader, expanding its offer over the years to include all of the natural resources, energy and infrastructure industries.

Intellectual Property was also a pillar for growth. In this area, the first observance campaigns were begun, contributing with the Intellectual Property Law of 1998, and developing it in all aspects to specifically lead the protection of plant breeder’s rights. Thus, businesses are advised based on technology to monetize their intangible assets.

A leader does not resolve problems for others, but rather inspires others to resolve problems for themselves.

Bernardo Tobar
Managing Partner