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Tobar ZVS Adopts Kira’s Artificial Intelligence

Tobar ZVS announces the adoption of Kira, the AI-driven document analysis software that is now part of Litera’s Workflow product family, as part of an ongoing commitment to move its product offering from traditional service delivery models into a radically new client experience model. Tobar ZVS is the first law firm in Ecuador to adopt Kira. 

“We have already automated and digitalize many components of our legal products and client experience, including workflows, project management, contract drafting, data management, and collaboration tools, but were persuaded that AI not only brings about significant efficiencies but enables outcomes that would not be possible or practical to the human eye alone.said Bernardo Tobar, Managing Partner at Tobar ZVS.  “We implemented AI for English language documents in 2021 and after reading AI For Lawyers, which was co-authored by Kira’s co-founders, we decided to test Kira, which can be trained in Spanish and has the added advantage of integrating with our digital operations platform, and have been impressed with how Kira has allowed us to solve specific client needs in a way that wouldn’t be possible through conventional methods, making our Firm’s value proposition unique”, added Mr. Tobar.

Kira will be used as part of an ongoing commitment to deliver innovative and results-oriented legal solutions to clients who seek counsel on M&A, Data Protection and Privacy Assessments, Compliance, Real Estate matters, Contract and Clause Bank Management, as well as for market intelligence.

“Tobar ZVS’ commitment to Kira will help the firm execute on its vision of innovating integral solutions that add value to its clients. By integrating Kira into its transactional practice, Tobar ZVS will be able to devote more time towards covering critical angles of risk,” said Kennan Samman, Vice President of Global Product Sales at Litera. “We look forward to seeing what the firm accomplishes during its journey towards leveraging advanced tools in legal practice.”

Tobar ZVS’ service delivery approach and business model are underpinned by a cutting-edge digital platform, which integrates workflow automation, legal project management, contract automation, artificial intelligence, a robust document management system, AES-256 compliant, and banking grade information security features.

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